The only one that sparkles in the series, Celebrus is from the Latin meaning “respected” or “celebrated”.

About one century before the Champagne Region produced the famous Bubbly, Benedictine nuns from the Abbey of St. Hilaire in a neighboring village of Limoux accidentally created the first sparkling wine in the world, the Blanquette de Limoux. Its fino bubbles stay creamy on the tongue and you will find none of the sharpness sticking around the mouth; in the absence of an edge is a delicate fizz.

Its flavor is like that of an overripe pineapple, notes of apricots and peach with floral aromas. Truly an expression of lightness and elegance.

A Double Gold winner at the Finger Lakes International Wine Competition 2012 in New York, USA, on March 31, 2012.

Awarded 39 times in 10 countries.

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