From the South of France in the Languedoc region, this Syrah varietal is cooled by the evening breeze from the Mediterranean and equally ripened by the warm daylight on the stony soils on the windswept hills of the coast. The effect is a fragrant and lively aroma on the nose. The Syrah’s spicy character naturally stands up to strong Asian dishes. While the grape’s juice and skin are in contact in the vat, thermo-vinification is applied for structure. A bit of heat to soften the skin while melding with the juice brings about a fuller taste and enhanced color. The healthy by-product of this process is the rise of resveratrol in the wine — a polyphenol known for its antioxidant properties.

Low yield ensures an excellent concentration of ripe, smoky blackberries and a seductively inky robe. Fresh and fruity, floral and spicy, with a solid structure anchoring it all, the Discipulus Syrah is easy-going and adaptable. A very sociable red.

Awarded 35 times in 9 countries on 4 vintages.

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